Experienced 10,000 swing tests with 5 Layer Quality Check, ensures high-quality of product.


The high-quality of product guarantees user safety with reliable charging & transferring of data.


Tinned copper wire core and the use of zinc alloy prevent the breakage of the cable. This promises the product to be long-lasting and efficient.


User can use mobile from a distance with extended length of cables. The high-quality weaving on the outside makes user convenient to use as the cord stays tangle-free.

Quick Charging

The core is made of tinned copper makes it resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, and moisture and also prevents it from oxidization.


Be a Choose from a variety of colours according to your choice. Available options are… Brown+Yellow, Black+Black, Red+Black, Blue+Black

The long cable ensures comfortability. I can use my mobile phone from a distance without hassle. I am extremely satisfied with the product.

- Alizee Smith

The cable ensures quick charging any time whenever phone on low battery. It is efficient to use easy to take along at all places.

- Devansh Gandhi

Very stylish and durable, both things I wanted in a data cable. The cable has made everyday tasks simpler.

- Sandhu Laddi

The data cable lives up to all of its features. It provides with fast charging and high-speed data transfer. Also a genuinely sustainable product.

- Song Huang


iOS 13 New Wired iPhone Data Transfer Method Is in the Works

The Setup app has new assets with one image showing two iPhones connected with a cable.


What is USB-C? One cable for data, video and power

USB-C has reversible connectors and means faster charging and quicker data transfer rates.


Fastest charging cables – which one is best for you?

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3-In-1 Charging Cable: Get a Great Multi-Purpose Charger

Charging cables are the bane of our existence. Not only are they easy to lose, but each device has different needs and a full set of adapters or separate wires quickly becomes a tangled mess.

What mobiles does this cable support?

This data cable supports all iOS and Android devices.

Where will the data cables be available?

The data cables will be available to purchase on amazon, taobao.com, and JD.com.

How is the quality of product guaranteed?

While the production of the data cable, it experiences 10,000 swing tests as well as going through a 5 layer-QC, ensuring high-quality of the cable.

Is the data cable durable?

The data cable is made of high-quality materials internally and externally ensuring its durability. (e.g. Tinned copper, zinc alloy, thread weaving)

What is the length of the data cable?

There are cables of both 1.2m and 1.5m length, making it comfortable to use from a distance.

What is something new your data cable offers?

Type-C and iPhone can borrow battery from each other allowing an iPhone to charge from the same cable making it unique.

What are the cables best features?

The iBees data cable supports 2.4A & 3.0A fast charging and high-speed data transfer.